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As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves (GaaLee)

Title: As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves
Author: eerised_da
Betas: belledragon and newmwriter
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto/GaaLee
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 37,241
Disclaimer: Naruto, and the characters depicted herein, are the property of Kishimoto-sama. I do not own them and I make no profit off of them.
Summary: The Kazekage of Suna receives unexpected guests on a mission that takes them through his village. While visiting, Lee manages to incite Gaara’s curiosity, who in turn manages to unknowingly win the heart of the Blue Beast of Konoha. But Lee’s not prepared to deal with these new found feelings and Gaara, who is just as socially inept as ever, is even more confused by them.
A/N: I just discovered this comm, so I thought I would share. This fic is the product of my attempt to write a SasuNaru fic, and my GaaLee fangirl taking over. I had to stop that fic and move on to this one so I could exercise her before she Desert Coffined the hell out of the NaruSasu-ness of the other. This is my first GaaLee fic and my first completed fic in the Naruto verse. I’m incredibly excited about it, and I hope that everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love writing Lee, almost as much as I love cosplaying him, and Gaara makes me squee. I’d like to thank belledragon for beta’ing, and newmwriter, my good friend, for offering to as well since she had nothing else to do at the time.

As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves
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