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False Impressions (One-Shot)

Title: False Impressions
Author: eerised_da
Betas: None
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto/No Pairing
Theme: 349. Falseness in acquaintance.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,149
Disclaimer: Naruto, and the characters depicted herein, are the property of Kishimoto-sama. I do not own them and I make no profit off of them.
Summary: Gaara reflects on the strength of the shinobi who have made it to the preliminary rounds of the Chuunin exams, and misjudges the strength of one Rock Lee.
A/N: This is for 500themes. I was bored the other day and decided to join for those times when I have writer's block, which I currently do. And right when I've got fic due. -insert curses here- I've got about 150 of the prompts already planned out, and I'm aiming to write them all about Gaara and Lee, either separately or together. This one in particular is fairly general. I suppose if you squint really, really, really hard you could say that Gaara is obsessed with Lee and that means he'll eventually love him. But this is really just general fic, which is new for me. Also it's short. I like that. I need to practise economy of words. I can be too loquacious sometimes.

False Impressions
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