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i_heart_gaara's Journal

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A Genin level Ninja, Gaara is feared even by his siblings Temari and Kankuro. The Gourd on his back contains sand mixed with blood from the people he has killed. Whenever Gaara is threatened, the Sand from the gourd cocoons him in a protective shell regardless of Gaara's will. It can also be controlled with his Chakra offensively. It is the perfect offense and defense from almost every attack. Gaara's skills are frightening. 'Desert Coffin' will surround his opponents with sand, preventing them from moving, while 'Desert Graveyard' will crush them, so quickly they do not feel a thing. In order to maintain a military force, Sand Village had no choice but to increase the quality of each Shinobi. That's why Shinobis like Gaara were created. Born stealing the life of the woman he would have called Mother, he was merged through the use of his Father's NinJutsu, with a being who was the Incarnation of Sand. The living spirit of an old priest of Hidden Sand (Suna Gakure) that had been sealed within a tea kettle called Shukaku. His father, Kazekage, used one of the Hyoui no Jutsu (Possession Spell) that allows one to be possessed (by a ghost or spirit) before being birthed with his Mother's life as his nourishment. He was created to be Sand Villages greatest masterpiece. As the child of Kazekage, he was taught the secrets of the Shinobi one after the other. They spoiled him excessively and raised Gaara by leaving him to his own devises. He thought that was what love was about. By the time Gaara was six, and for the last six years he's had countless assassination attempts made on his life by his own Father. His mental state which was created through the use of a Jutsu was unstable and the villagers of Sand began to realize that there was a problem with Gaara's emotional side. To his Father who was Kazekage, Gaara was an embarrassment, but at the same time a frighteningly dangerous individual. Diagnosed as a dangerous being, he was only treated preciously as the Village's dangerous weapon. To them now, Gaara's just an artifact of the past that they'd like to wipe out. Gaara then began to question his existence. Finally coming to the conclusion that he existed only to kill all other human beings. By continuing to kill his would-be assassins, Gaara was able to confirm his reason for living. Living to fight for, and love, only himself. Killing others makes him feel happiness and alive in this world. Thinking that all other people exist only to let him feel this way, the world could not be a more wonderful place for him. As long as there exists people other than himself that he can kill, Gaara feels his presence can not be erased. The Kanji on his forehead was created by Gaara after the death of his mother's twin brother using the sand as a tattooing agent.