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Snow Tigra

(Fic) It's Not Fair 1/?

Title: That’s not fair!
Author: Snow Tigra
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: To say anymore might give spoilers. So lets just start with Naruto and Sasuke. And Naruto and Gaara. And that’s really all you get without reading the fic, you’ll see what I mean.
Author’s note: Yaoi. Rough sex. General creepiness. This was inspired by a creepy pasta I read on a message board. See if you can guess which one.
Summary: A friend's death and a strange form in the mirror. They're related, right? They had to be. He had to believe they were related. He needed them to be. Because nothing that had happened was fair. Not fair at all.

Part 1:

You know, it’s not really fair. Not at all. None of it is.

Naruto sung his feet over the crumbling edge, watching the rough edges of the stone crumble just a little, the small flecks of stone and concrete sliding down and then flying into the air and falling until they landed in the water below without so much as a sound.

At the moment, his attention was focused on the group of 5 men, all dressed in button down shirts, ties and business slacks as they wore bright yellow hard hats and nodded intelligently at the blue paper unrolled between them. Some were pointing, one held a calculator and another was on a cell phone, talking hurriedly while waving his arm, as if the person on the other end could see his movements.

It wasn’t fair that they were doing this now, today of all days.

Couldn’t they just leave this old bridge where it was? Couldn’t they just let it sit like this, in disrepair and fenced off. Naruto had always thought it brought character to the small town, which was just hop and skip from the ‘real city’ with the tall building and surrounding houses with picket fences and dogs instead of doorbells while their perfect little children went around selling chocolate bars for their school band to raise money.

It wasn’t fair that the ‘real’ city was invading HIS spots. It wasn’t fair that the ‘real’ city was slowly creeping toward all of them, forcing them to submit. Soon, he knew, his uncle would be pulling him out of his old run down school and sentencing him to wear a uniform at the new one being built miles away, complete with working projectors and plastic desks that you couldn’t carve your name and boredom into.

Naruto picked up a loose rock and threw it, watching it almost make it over the small river to the fence blocking off the other side of the crumbled bridge. He didn’t even remember the bridge ever completely crossing the river here. It was always a worn tar road littered with potholes that lead to a tall fence strung with caution tape, like some police crime scene the world had forgotten. HE’d once told Naruto that there was a bridge here and they’d closed it to repair it, but during that repair it had just fallen down, luckily with no one on it. Then some new official had been elected and, to build good graces or whatever politicians do to gain people’s trust, this new person built a brand new bridge and road that was much bigger, much fancier and really signaled the start of the ‘real’ city sliding in to take over his home town. So this bridge lay here like a fallen solider, forgotten on the battle field among the still bodies of his fallen brothers, waiting to be hauled away with everyone else who didn’t even realize what he’d once been.


It wasn’t fair. How could they touch HIS bridge? How could they talk and plan about taking it down? What did they really care? Why couldn’t they just leave this place alone? It wasn’t like anyone had ever really gotten hurt here. All the kids who could make it over the fence were smart enough to stay away from the parts where they could really get hurt. They weren’t idiots.

“Hey kid! You’re not supposed to be here!”

Naruto grumbled as he stood up, pulling himself off the crumbling concrete edge. He shoved his hands into his pockets, waking at a normal pace to the opening where he’d snuck through. He knew from experience they wouldn’t reach him in time, they didn’t know the terrain as well as he did.

“Hey kid! Stop!”

“Assholes.” Naruto muttered and kicked a few rocks under foot before he ducked under the fence and grabbed his bike, heading home. When the worker finally made it to the top, panting and struggling to breathe - and swearing over the tear in his new dress pants - he found no trace of the boy, just a cut in the fence bent away so a person could fit underneath.

And to one side, sitting near the edge, was a black design, almost like a tattoo, three commas forming a circle.

Damn kids and their gang graffiti.


Sheets ruffled.

“Gaara, I don’t know about this.”

Clothing landed on the ground, landing on the miserable looking brown cat, that took it as his sign to vacate the room, post haste.

“Now isn’t the time to be thinking about things. You’ve done enough thinking.”

Glasses were set on the bedside shelf, next to the fantasy and ghost novels.

“This really isn’t the best-”

Words were cut off and all Naruto could do was moan, his body not being nearly as uncooperative as he’d like it to be. Damnit, why did Gaara’s hands have to be so chilly? The cold touch brushed over his skin and he couldn’t help but react. He remembered once, HE’d brought up the idea of using ice during foreplay. It was the most ridiculous thing that Naruto had ever heard, but HE’d been convinced it would feel good. Naruto had agreed and spent the rest of the night begging, screaming and shivering before passing out from how much HE’d been right.

Gaara’s hands weren’t nearly as cold, but they still felt incredibly good to his body. Up his arms, down his chest, brushing against his stomach and teasing down his legs. He gave up resisting relatively easily, letting his friend play with his body and just letting himself react to the touches. There was something freeing about it, almost calming…

Who the hell would have thought that sex would feel this good not even a week after you found out that your boyfriend was dead?

Naruto squirmed, letting out a squeak when he felt Gaara’s mouth on his inner thigh. He could hear Gaara chuckle and he frowned, hitting him in the head.

“Don’t do that and laugh at me!”

“Do you usually squeak during sex?” Gaara still sounded amused, still kissing and nipping at his legs, so very close to what he wanted, achingly close.

“Fuck you, Gaara.”

Gaara just chuckled again as he moved his tongue over Naruto’s length, teasingly going up and down in small, warm, wet lines. This time Naruto didn’t squeak, he whined like a young kitten. His hands moved up, grabbing at one of the pillows before covering his face with it, muffling his own sounds and making it so he didn’t need to see the smirk on Gaara’s face as he finally went down on him, moving just as slow.

“Damnit Gaara, move!”

“No. Not yet.”

Naruto squirmed, feeling Gaara move even slower, the cold chain hanging down from his neck sliding on and off Naruto’s leg as his head moved up and down, as if it were taunting him and reminding him just how slow Gaara was moving. Naruto wanted to scream at him in frustration, but he knew Gaara. He knew he’d just move slower and start teasing him more, because that was just the kind of asshole Gaara was.

So instead he kicked him.

Or rather, he tried.

Gaara pulled away in surprise, his chuckle filling the room, then suddenly the pillow was gone and Naruto was staring with wide eyes up at his demonic looking best friend, not able to stop trembling from the raw hunger in his eyes. He couldn’t even swallow. All he could do was stare and wait to see what Gaara was going to do to him now.

In the back of his mind he wondered, if maybe, kicking during sex really wasn’t the best thing to do… even if you knew your friend loved it rough.

Before Naruto could contemplate this more, he found himself on his stomach, uncomfortably pressed against black flannel sheets which rubbed roughly against him. Nails scratched down his back and he cried out into the sheets, his hands moving up to helplessly grasp at the headboard.

“Shit!” He was wrong. Kicking had actually turned Gaara on more.

Wet fingers penetrated him and Naruto screamed into the bed, biting at the sheets as he felt them move inside him. He couldn’t decide which was worse. First Gaara had been teasing him and now he was fucking him without letting him breathe. He really couldn’t win with this guy could he? He didn’t even have a chance to protest when he felt-

“Oh god!”

Naruto bit into the sheets a moment later when he felt Gaara move deep inside him with little warning. It was quick, harsh and biting movement, rocking through his body and making him scream more. He’d never had sex like this, he’d never been pressed into the bed from behind and just… dominated.

It was even more freeing, the hands pinning him to the bed actually feeling comforting in a twisted, sadistic way and Naruto found himself screaming more, enjoying it as his body got used to the quick sharp movements. Sex with HIM had never felt this hurried, this rushed, this… exhilarating.

Sex with HIM.

Naruto gripped at the headboard until his hands shook and ached, seeming like they became one with the cheap metal that creaked with each thrust. A weight rose up in his chest as the pleasure rose up in his body, both in a race to reach the end. Both crashing through him at breakneck speed.

Naruto couldn’t remember which he felt first. Was it the explosion between his legs that was trapped between him and Gaara’s old matrices, or was it the pitiful whine that came from his mouth, accompanied by sobs that made his chest jerk and his throat close. Naruto didn’t even feel Gaara pull out of him as he curled into a ball and buried his face in Gaara’s pillow, crying enough to soak and stain it with water and salt.

Arms wrapped around him, holding another scratching flannel blanket that now covered his body.

“It’s about time you cried, you idiot.” Gaara’s voice wasn’t amused now, but soft and sad.

Naruto just lay there in the bed, crying and screaming into the pillow, sex completely forgotten. All he could think about was HIM. All he could even wrap his mind around was HIM.

The fact that HE was gone. The fact that HE was dead.

It just wasn’t fair!
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